Robert De Niro's Robert Mueller Grills Ben Stiller's Michael Cohen


Ben Stiller, as Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen, and Robert De Niro, stepping in for Kate McKinnon as special counsel Robert Mueller, reunited for an all-too-familiar lie detector test, dropping references to their 2000 film in the process. In addition to mock versions of Jeff Sessions and Vice President Mike Pence, Ben Stiller appeared as the president's lawyer Michael Cohen who recently had his office raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in regards to the Stormy Daniels scandal.

Stiller was lead into a room with little more than a chair and a table with a polygraph machine.

Then Mueller takes off the gloves: "You listen to me, you little weasel: You broke the law and now we're going to catch all you little Fockers, you got that?"

Donald Trump had a wild week, beginning with the raid of the offices and residences of his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen, which the president called "a war on our country".

Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller staged a surprise Meet the Parents reunion on Saturday Night Live this weekend - but with a political spin.

"I'll start with some easy ones: Did ya like the pee pee tape?" Cohen accused Mueller and his team of bias, which Mueller refuted by saying they use codenames for the President and his family to prevent emotion from coming into it.

Stiller popped up first, playing the embattled and bumbling Cohen who, let's be honest, is a dead man walking at this point.

Saturday Night Live returns with Atlanta creator and star Donald Glover serving as host - while also performing as the night's musical guest under his stage Childish Gambino - on May 5 at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT on NBC. "I was just tryin' to milk some information outta people". De Niro asks. "Just kidding!"

"Why don't you have a seat, Mr. Cohen?"

Oh yeah, and they brought back the famous "I have nipples" bit.