I'll have a burger with roasted tarantula, please?


- Arbitrary holidays and commemorative months have managed to fill our calendars with reasons to celebrate. Well, it's a like a regular burger, but with a cooked tarantula on top. But these may not be for everyone.

Other exotic meats featured during the promotion include alligator, camel, turtle, reindeer, goat, and bug-topped guacamole burgers.

However, not everyone can chow down on the eight-legged edible, you'll have to win a raffle for a chance to try one.

If their number is drawn, Bull City contacts them to set up their mealtime.

The tarantula is oven-roasted, and placed on an otherwise all-beef burger with gruyere cheese, a spicy chili sauce within a baked bun.

Tarantula-topped burgers are apparently a thing.

Adventurous eaters can't just walk in and order a tarantula burger, though. And believe it or not-four people have won so far this year.

It's Exotic Meat Month and a North Carolina brewery is taking the opportunity to introduce customers to all types of meats.

Bull City Burger in Durham, NC is known for their tasty burgers.