Here's Taylor Swift covering Earth, Wind & Fire's 'September'


Once upon a time, songwriter and artist Taylor Swift wasn't a fan of Spotify.

Taylor previously met the members of EWF when they presented her with Album of the Year for 1989 at the Grammys back in 2016. He added, "music is free like that", and told Taylor.

Swift gave a hint of things to come Thursday morning on her Instagram page, where she posted a short video. There's no way of knowing for sure, but a press release about the Spotify cover notes that Swift chose to cover "September" for "sentimental reasons", so who knows!

On Friday (April 13, Swift's lucky number), the singer paused her Reputation Tour rehearsals to gift us with a two-song package as part of the Spotify Singles series. The country duo, made up of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, released the tracklist for Bigger today, and Swift is featured as a vocalist on "Babe", a song that she wrote with Train's Pat Monahan.

Pop star Taylor Swift is getting eviscerated for her cover of "September", which turned Earth, Wind & Fire's funky classic into a slowed-down, country version of the original.

"Unaltered in the press release were Swift's comments about the other track: "'Delicate" is a song about the vulnerability that immediately surfaces in all of us the minute we meet someone we want to like us", it reads.