Epic Games Apologises For Fortnite Downtime With Freebies


Sometimes game outages affect only certain platforms, but in this case, the Fortnite server is down for all platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile. If you're planning to pick up your "we're sorry" swagger from EPIC Games, you better do it sooner than later!

"It's been no secret that over the past 24 hours we've been experiencing issues with our services that have prevented many of you from playing Battle Royale and Save the World".

Unfortunately, at the time of publishing, we still don't know when the game will be fully online again. According to Epic's status page, they had found a fix before returning players eager to jump back into the game brought it back down again. There aren't very many boats on the Fortnite map at present. Both of these will be available from the respective modes' in-game stores.

These changes include putting the teams on separate buses that approach the island from different directions.

The first 10 minutes of a 50v50 match will be spent gathering resources and setting up defenses. Players are typically getting either an "unable to sign in to your account" message or an infinite "Waiting in Queue" time, and while Epic are working on a fix there's no ETA for it.

The new mode will have 75-percent higher farming resources by default, as well as a 15-percent increase in floor loot spawn. When they come back up, players will get a pack of Battle Stars in Battle Royale and Seasonal Gold in Save the World.

Fixed several client crashes that were related to the new Replay System.

The new patch has somehow broke down the animations of the guided missiles which make it unavailable for the use.

It suggests that after being denied their favourite game to play, the gamers simply put down their joypads and picked up their - well, you get the idea. The weapon remains unavailable. Epic Games has not yet responded to these complaints.