Uber wants to do it all: ride-share, car-share, train tickets


"We are in this to promote shared transportation in general". "I think Silicon Valley is understanding that with building these platforms comes the responsibility to make sure that those platforms are being used for good".

Bowser has proposed raising ride-hailing companies' gross receipts tax to 4.75 percent from 1 percent to pay for about 10 percent of the $178.5 million (roughly Rs. 1,166 crores) that represents the District's portion of $500 million in annual dedicated funding for Metro.

The service will be labelled Uber Rent.

Both Uber and Ola started out as cab providers but cab rides comprise a very small portion of overall transportation in cities.

This action of Uber include "180 days of change" program launched back in June to make the relevant changes as requested by drivers. "That's a privilege. It's not a right and we recognize that", said Khosrowshahi. Going forward, we'll work to make driving a little easier and a little less stressful.

He added, "We do see this investment in mass transit as an investment that ultimately long term is going to benefit us as well".

"We believe in it; autonomous at maturity will be safer", he insisted, adding that Uber's interest in investing in bike sharing and public transport should not be interpreted as a move away from self-driving cars.

The partnership with Getaround will be dubbed "Uber Rent", and will be piloted in San Francisco before a wider roll-out.

The deal to acquire Jump Bikes, a bike-sharing startup offering dockless electric bicycles, was announced 9 April.

The company is launching a new auto rental service on its app, giving Uber's users access to a vehicle for short needs like a daytime field trip or picking up groceries. The service begins this month in San Francisco.

Cars will come through car-booking service Getaround, which lets private vehicle owners rent their cars out to others.

For transport authorities, deploying via SDK means mobile ticketing is instantly available to an already established user base.

Meanwhile, the revised settlement also threatens Uber with civil penalties if it fails to notify the FTC of future security breaches involving consumer information.

Uber will also introduce new technology that continuously monitors new offenses by drivers using data sources that cover most new criminal offenses.

Jahan Khanna, Head of Product for Mobility at Uber, said it is flawless for city dwellers who want to make small trips like to the grocery store or to pick up relatives.

The company also said it was expanding its Uber Movement traffic data site to include 12 new cities globally.