Parkland teacher arrested for leaving loaded gun in a public bathroom


Finkelstein also said that if Cruz's inheritance, should he be entitled to it, is paid out in monthly installments, the total funds could amount to a million dollars. He has a very small amount of Microsoft stock, and was a beneficiary of his mother's life insurance policy and is due $25,000 of those proceeds, which are now unclaimed.

At a court hearing on Wednesday, Broward County Judge Elizabeth Scherer sought to determine whether Cruz - who has so far been represented by public defenders - is able to pay for his own defence. The bank account previously had $12,000, but he isn't sure where the remaining money went, he said.

Cruz sat motionless with his head bowed during the brief hearing, which again was held under heavy security with about 20 uniformed Broward Sheriff's Office personnel ringing the courtroom.

Scherer said she will make a decision on Cruz's eligibility for a public defender by April 27, ABC News said.

19-year old gunman Nikolas Cruz has reportedly instructed his attorney to distribute his $800,000 inheritance when he receives the funds on his 22 birthday, saying he "does not want those funds".

Cruz, who is indicted on 17 counts of premeditated murder in the first degree and 17 counts of attempted murder in the first degree, said he wants to give all of the money away.

The school board in Florida's Broward County - where 17 people died when a gunman opened fire February 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School - voted unanimously against accepting state money so that school personnel can be trained to carry guns on campus.

For the sake of the families involved, Finkelstein told CNN, he would prefer his client take a plea and serve 34 consecutive life sentences, one for each of the counts on which he's been indicted. "We will put the victims' families through another hell". ABC reported Cruz's attorneys told the court on Wednesday that he was ready to plead immediately. The judge entered a plea of not guilty on Cruz's behalf.