Instagram developing tool that'll let users download their data


The publication also says that the Facebook CEO was concerned Instagram was going to miss out on a whole generation if it didn't shake up its product.

Although data portability seems like a really nice feature which supports public's privacy and their data protection, it might not do the same for Instagram itself. However we suppose eventually there might come the day that Instagram might shutter its services, so what will happen to all our photos and videos then?

Yesterday we reported that Instagram lacked data portability, knocking the app for the absence of an equivalent to Facebook's Download Your Information too. The downloadable data will include photos/videos the user has shared on the platform, as well as messages posted and sent.

Nametags enable users to create special images that, when scanned with the camera in Instagram Stories, automatically prompt a follow, Techcrunch reports.

The announcement comes amid the ongoing data privacy scandal involving Cambridge Analytica and social media platform, Facebook. Instagram has a history of taking inspiration from Snapchat when designing new features, but the rivals are increasingly borrowing from each other. It's also unclear whether photos and videos will export in the full fidelity that they're uploaded or displayed in, or whether they'll be compressed.

Instagram recently announced a new Focus Mode that replicates a bokeh or background blur effect found on most modern Android smartphones. There is also no information on whether all data will be retrievable or not.

In the face of mounting public pressure, Zuckerberg conceded to the House Energy and Commerce Committee in Congress that Facebook would expand its GDPR changes to the US. According to TechCrunch, data portability will give Instagram users the option to move to a rival image-sharing service.