Cameroon Athletes Disappear at Australia Commonwealth Games


This comes days after eight Cameroonian athletes went missing at the games, raising concern from the organizers. Some never even made it to their events after leaving their training camp in Warwick last month.

There is a track record for athletes and officials disappearing in Australia during global sporting competitions, with 25 delegates going missing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and 80 athletes and officials outstaying their visas at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

This is the second time since 2012 that Cameroonian athletes have gone missing at an worldwide competition.

"It went onto the other one, that was a bonus, which left us with (one more)". "It's very, very disappointing and very, very embarrassing for Cameroon", he said.

"We want to deliver on our promises that whosoever delivers in his or her competition, as a country, we will appreciate him or her".

"While it's illegal to overstay a visitor permit, you can understand in one sense".

The Cameroon team at the opening ceremony.

Hanson, who is easily the most senior member of Australia's Games team, said he had never dreamed of wearing gold on the podium.

WIRAC manager David Jordan hosted the athletes at the venue while they were training in Warwick, saying they enjoyed their stay.

'These people and others that might have a similar objective need to hear this message very clearly - they aren't going to game the system, ' he said.

Minister of Home Affairs Peter Dutton said if the athletes did not leave by the May 15 deadline, the Australian Border Force (ABF) would find and lock them in a watch house until their deportation back to their countries of origin.

"We share their concern regarding obviously the safety, welfare, whereabouts of these athletes". Experience is also part of victory, therefore, those who competed and did not make it, I celebrate you as heroes because upon your performances, the future lies. The main event to welcome the athletes was held at the Ministry of Sports.