The iconic Gmail web design is getting a complete overhaul


In just a few weeks' time, Gmail for web might look quite a bit different. In the email, Google mentions "several new features" so there's a chance we'll see much more beyond the additions mentioned. It's not clear how that data counts people who have personal Gmail accounts and work Gmail accounts monitored by G Suite administrators, but the notice sent out by Google says that these changes will be coming to personal email accounts as well. Google said it would create an early adopter program to test the refresh with G Suite customers.

For starters, Google promises a "fresh, clean look for Gmail on the web" that offers easy access to G Suite apps like Google Calendar from within the email interface itself.

Google has yet to share screenshots of the new design. Currently, Hangouts instant messaging is only partly integrated with Gmail. And it will bring mobile Gmail's "smart reply" feature to the web along with offline support, according to the emailed notices, which Google told The Verge were genuine.

You'll be able to snooze emails so that they reappear in your inbox hours or days later.

Inbox also integrates reminders, to-dos, order updates, flight statuses, reservations and picture previews, and allows users to group and organise messages based on their content.

Google warned that the update to Gmail could break some Chrome extensions that customers have installed.

Google recommends keeping an eye on its G Suite Updates and Keyword blogs for more updates-but you can be sure we'll have them as they're available, too. These algorithmically-generated replies will also be available on