Fortnite Port-A-Fort in action Video Clip


There is no official fixed date for the LTM's release, but since the current LTM, High Explosives, is ending today, we can safely assume it is due to launch next week or so, and players can't wait.

Epic Games has also increased floor loot, ammo and farming resources for the game mode, to make it easier for players to stock up on items before the fight.

The big stuff first: the much talked about Port-a-Fort, a grenade which instantly creates a metallic sniper's perch when thrown, is now available in the game as an item. We don't know yet about the phenomenal prizes which the team has mentioned above but we hope it will be in-game content and the competitions will be decided by the community. Players can also adjust the exposure, aperture, focal length, and focus distance of the camera in settings.

Follows and orbits around the selected player.

As is typically the case, the update for the PC and PS4/Xbox One versions of the game boast different numbers, so the Fortnite 3.5 update is the Fortnite 1.54 update on consoles.

This camera shows what the selected player saw during gameplay.

And finally, the limited event known as 50v50 Mode is back and better than ever, with an updated variant called 50v50 v2.

Those of you who are more into the Save the World side of Fortnite can strap on some fresh clobber with the four new Cyberpunk Heroes, which are complemented by the addition of a bunch of energised Neon weapons.