Destiny 2's second expansion is Warmind, out on May 8


Bungie has stealthily announced Destiny 2's next expansion, Warmind, in a development roadmap posted on the developer's website. The full reveal of Warmind is taking place on April 24th via Bungie's own Twitch channel; for now, the developers have only said that it will take players to new places where they'll fight new enemies, which is par for the course. That content will presumably include a story campaign, with unique in-game missions and cutscenes; a new destination to travel to and explor;, a new Leviathan Raid Lair; PvP content; and plenty of new Legendary and Exotic loot.

"We'll be diving deeper into each one of the listed items soon, and there's even more we can't quite talk about yet, but for now it's all hands on deck to make sure we deliver on our promise to restore Destiny 2 to the hobby we all love". Warmind will be released on May 8th as part of the beginning of Season 3. Most notably, the developer will no longer restrict competitive multiplayer maps to only those who buy the new expansion, a move it made with Curse of Osiris that gated content behind a paywall and resulted in painfully long queue times for certain playlists.

In addition, Bungie also detailed its roadmap, which will begin with the 1.1.4 update that launched, as well as other updates coming, including the one for May 8, as well as more for summer.

"That means more opponents for everyone". If you do, you'll be able to play those maps in private matches. Bungie has revealed these planned changes in past development roadmap updates, but have now confirmed their release on May 8. Are you excited yet?

Destiny 2 will see further important updates in 2018, including new content and changes to how gameplay is focued in the base version. The warmind in question is rumored to be a character named Charlemagne or possibly Rasputin, a prominent AI from the original Destiny.

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