Apple ordered to pay VirnetX $502 million in latest patent lawsuit verdict


In 2012, Apple lost a $368.2 million lawsuit from VirnetX, though that verdict was later thrown out, paving the way for retrials and additional disputes.

The report says that the patents in question relate to Apple's FaceTime, VPN, and iMessage services. According to Bloomberg, a federal court in Texas wrapped up the most recent case earlier today, ruling that Apple infringed on VirnetX patents with iMessenger and FaceTime. The case isn't dead yet though, the USA legal system has plenty of room for additional appeals and Apple is exploring those options already.

"The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has said the patents are invalid, in cases that are now before the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, "Bloomberg reported".

In a statement to Bloomberg, VirnetX CEO Kendall Larsen called the damages amount "fair".

Larsen said after the verdict was announced. For VirnetX, the jury verdict in its favour could be a short-lived victory. Apple will likely not give in a pay up, so the battle will likely not end here.

Presently, Apple had once again made a decision to challenge the judgement of the US district court in the Federal Court of Texas.

The firm initially sought as much as $625.4 million in damages, but the legal battle itself has largely been a spectacle of back-and-forth arguments, with the initial case having been tossed out the door, entirely, and multiple, subsequent cases being filed by VirnetX and Apple, respectively. The court ruled in the favor of VirnetX and has ordered Apple to pay more than United States dollars 500 million as compensation to the patent-assertion organization.