Apple appoints Oliver Schusser as VP of Apple…


The company disclosed the news in an internal memo announcing new leadership for the business, according to Variety.

But that's not all, Variety reports that Apple is also shuffling up its Apple Music team as it names Oliver Schusser as the head of its music streaming division. Outside the USA, he helped in the App Store, iTunes' movies and TV portals, iBooks, Apple Podcasts, and more.

Schusser, who recently played a key role in Apple's recent $400m acquisition of Shazam - which is now awaiting regulatory approval - will relocate from the United Kingdom to California for the new position. At the moment, Apple Music has 40 million paying subscribers in 115 countries. It's estimate that Apple Music has a 5% monthly growth rate, outpacing Spotify's 2%.

Spotify went public on April 3, starting at 165.90 and hitting a high of 169.

Apple shares are down 0.2%.

Apple Music is getting bigger. He previously assembled up Apple's services organizations beyond the one hundred fifty five markets, for example China, Japan and Latin America, Apple stated. "In the near term, we believe there are attractive capital return opportunities to be unveiled and we look forward to another round of iPhone innovations in September". In its latest quarter, Apple's services climbed 18 percent to $8.4 billion, falling analyst expectations of $8.6 billion.