Packers' Davis arrested for making bomb joke


Green Bay Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis has been arrested and charged with making criminal threats over an ill-advised joke he made at Los Angeles Airport referencing 'explosives'.

As stated by authorities, Davis and also a female company were checking in at the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter Sunday morning as soon as the ticket agent "requested the standard questions regarding whether he was carrying any aerosol, cans, knives, weapons or explosives", even Fox 6 documented.

A similarly misguided comment got a Colorado hockey referee arrested in October 2012 and caused the evacuation of Anchorage International Airport. The woman who was with him, however, was not arrested.

The 24-year-old was said to have turned to a female companion and said "did you pack the explosives?'" He was booked - mug shot and all - and then released.

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Davis is due to appear in court May 3, according to the online records.

The Packers issued a statement confirming the team is aware of the incident.

While his arrest isn't almost as serious as some chargers other National Football League players face, it was nonetheless a pretty boneheaded move on Davis' part. "We come in the process of collecting extra details and we're going to refrain from getting any further comment since it's on continuing legal matter".

Davis is a fifth-round draft pick in 2016 out of California.