OR grass seed growers keep close watch on US-China trade friction


"The United States hasn't had a Trade Surplus with China in 40 years", he wrote.

"I'm not saying there's not going to be any pain", he told WABC radio in NY, but "we're going to be much stronger for it". Taxes will become Reciprocal & a deal will be made on Intellectual Property. But purchases from the U.S. have the potential to grow more than threefold over the next two years if the tariffs aren't implemented, it said. He argued that the situation could be a "win-win" for China and the United States if Beijing opens up its economy.

"This is a problem caused by China, not a problem caused by President Trump", Kudlow said on Fox News on Sunday.

United States markets have been volatile in trading this week amid concerns about a possible U.S.

"Rather than remedy its misconduct, China has chosen to harm our farmers and manufacturers", Trump said, calling Beijing's reaction "unfair".

China has initiated a complaint with the World Trade Organization over the United States tariffs, in what analysts say is a sign that this will be a protracted process.

Later however he reversed course, telling reporters at the White House that the threats were not a bluff.

President Xi Jinping is expected to unveil reform measures next week and his country's opening up while attending the Boao Forum, China's equivalent of Davos, in the southern island province of Hainan.

The Albany Democrat-Herald daily said in its online edition that many residents in the OR counties of Linn and Benton are paying close attention to the sectors that may be hit by the U.S.

Oxford Economics analysts estimate the threatened USA tariffs cumulatively represent 30 percent of total U.S. imports from China and, if imposed, the loss of Gross Domestic Product over 2018-2019 could reach 0.3 percent in each economy.

On Chinese social media on Friday, among the most searched phrases were "China hasn't grown up afraid" and "China will follow through to the end".

"By waving a big stick of trade sanctions against China, the U.S. has picked a wrong target".

Analysts at Oxford Economics, referring to the fact that the tariffs are not yet in effect, said in a note to clients that, "Importantly, these threatened tariffs will be subject to negotiation, and therefore shouldn't be considered as final". It cut global economic growth to 2.5 percent in 2019 from 3.0 percent in its baseline scenario.

"We are on a unsafe downward spiral and American families will be on the losing end", Shay added in a statement, urging Trump "to stop playing a game of chicken with the USA economy".