Microsoft Open Sources the Original File Manager of the 90's


File Manager was the successor of the MS-DOS executive, introduced as a new way to access files and folders in Windows. Microsoft says this build includes all the improvements from the build 15063.1029, but most of the items in the changelog are about fixes for Internet Explorer and other PC-related things.

Microsoft made the code available on GitHub through the MIT OSS license, allowing it to compile and render under Windows 10. While File Manager naturally looks terribly dated and cluttered by today's standards, some features, like split panes or MDI could still be useful in the modern computing age of phones and tablets.

File Manager was replaced by File Explorer, which is now present and correct in Windows 10.

In total, there are two versions of the source code included in a so-called "master-branch".

"The Windows File Manager lives again and runs on all now supported version of Windows, including Windows 10". He noted he hadn't redesigned or restructured WinFile in any major way.

Users can also specify a date range in File.Search to limit the files returned, which are ordered by date rather than name.

The iconic software is now available to download through Github with the MIT OSS [open-source software] licence.

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