Fortnite gets a pop-up fort with the new Port-a


Coming soon, the Port-a-Fort will allow players to create a makeshift fort in emergencies that's going to be as equally annoying as it is life-saving. You can see how the Port-a-Fort works in action through the video embedded below. It sounds like it will be used if you are caught out in the open taking heavy fire and need a quick defense.

On April 10th, it was announced via the "New Updates" menu that the fan-favorite "50v'50" game mode will be returning in the future to Fortnite: Battle Royale with a collection of new improvements. Now the developer has released a short trailer on Twitter that gives fans a better idea of what to expect from the Port-a-Fort when it is eventually added to Fortnite.

Epic Games has been treating us to a lot of new gadgets after the recent beefy content update, which saw the addition of Fortnite Battle Royale vending machines that offer up tasty loot in trade for materials. Back in Epic Games' State of Development v4 post that came back in February, a list of changes were previewed with ways that the Limited Time Mode would be changed in v2, the first of which is to make it more like the trailer that's shown at the top. After all, the Fortnite development team has temporarily removed weapons and items in the past, like the Boogie Bomb and the SMG, so it will likely do the same to address any potential balancing issues the Port-a-Fort may introduce to the game.

The change that adds a second bus is just one of the many differences that players can hope to expect from 50v50 v2.