Radical Heights - A New Battle Royale Game From LawBreakers Devs


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Another new feature that has not been used in other titles in the battle royale genre is the the ability for players to collect in-game cash that is scattered throughout the map, available from the multiple game shows players can partake in and can be acquired from eliminating other players. Either way, Radical Heights will be available on Steam Early Access on April 10th. The trailer showcases what you expect from the genre.

Radical Heights is launching as a free-to-play game with microtransactions that allow you to purchase cosmetic items only. You can also buy cosmetic items like pink fishnet gloves, parachute trousers, and custom kill-cards.

Though an interesting concept, Cash could be easily exploited if they add microtransactions, as players with lots of money to spare could use their wealth to buy themselves an in-game advantage. While we know that the game is hitting PC via Steam Early Access later today, some potential fans may be wondering if it's also coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

The game appears to lean heavily on personal customization, allowing players to purchase an array of odd gadgets - confetti bombs, inflatable decoys, workout trampolines - and weapons and clothing, ranging from pink fishnet gloves to parachute trousers. Like crates in other battle royale games, players can camp these spots to try and steal the items off players earning this loot. Soon after, Boss Key tweaked the bonuses offered by the add-on, removing the $10,000 cash bonus, but that still didn't remove the stigma that plagues many free-to-play titles in the eyes of the community. It embraces the always popular '80s aesthetic by turning battle royale matches into a kind of game show.

In Radical Heights, "cash is king".

Radical Heights is now only available for PC and Boss Key Productions have not made a statement about console versions. Boss Key clearly want to stress that it's even earlier days than usual. Players will start out with zero money regardless of which version of the game they are playing. Numerous items in Radical Heights are cosmetic like shirts and trousers so players can purchase these items to just customize their very own character.

Additional Notes: Recommended specs for low quality settings in 1080p resolution.