'Found Tonight'- Get this mashup of 'Dear Evan Hansen' and 'Hamilton'


The Broadway stars have united to create "Found/Tonight", a mashup of "You Will Be Found" from Dear Evan Hanson and "The Story of Tonight" from Hamilton.

The song begins with a rewritten line from "Hamilton" - instead of "we may not live to sing our glory", Platt sings, "we may not yet have reached our glory". Both Miranda and Platt have pledged to donate a portion of the song's proceeds to the initiative against gun violence, and encourage participation inside the music industry with the hashtag #IWillMarch.

Jenny Singer is a writer for the Forward.

"It's so inspiring to see young people standing up for what is probably the most important cause right now in this country, and demanding action", Platt said.

The song was made available for download this morning and promoted by the two performers on their highly trafficked social-media accounts.

This is the latest release in the Hamildrops project, announced by Miranda in December that promises a monthly drop of music from the still-going-strong "Hamilton".

While from fundamentally different shows set hundreds of years apart, the two songs grapple with adolescence and community. With Alex Lacamoire, award-winning Orchestrator for his work in Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, arranging this month's mashup, it's sure to be a hit!

The collaboration also appears to have also struck a chord with musical theater fans. Platt left the show after his contract was up in November 2017. That song was inspired by West Side Story's "Maria", and includes the names of all 78 towns in Puerto Rico.