Trump fires top diplomat Tillerson, replaces him with CIA's Pompeo


Tillerson, who was sacked by US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, ruffled feathers in Beijing before he was even sworn into office past year with, tough comments on China's development in the South China Sea.

Monday, Kaine tweeted that while a representative, Pompeo had advocated an attack on Iran, and said it was "dangerous" for him to be nominated to head the State Department. Civil servants at Foggy Bottom hated his insularity and his plans to massively cut the State Department's budget and diplomatic capacity.

But her history during the United States "war on terror", overseeing interrogations in Central Intelligence Agency black sites later exposed as torture, has already set back her career once and could stand in the way again. I thought that was very deplorable and unfortunate the way it happened. Our understanding is that the disagreement had something to do with North Korea issues, or just a general accumulation of disagreements.

China had issues with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson but the country would likely prefer him to CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

US-African relations over the last year-and-a-half of the Trump administration have already been a challenge to understand because a lot of the key roles were not filled.

BLOCKED DEAL: Behind the Wall Street drop was Trump's blocking of Singapore-based chipmaker Broadcom's effort to buy Qualcomm, one of the biggest makers of processors that power smartphones and other mobile devices.

When Trump fired off his tweet announcing Tillerson's ouster on Tuesday morning, for instance, some of Tillerson's top aides were in Europe preparing for meetings in Vienna and Berlin to negotiate a supplemental agreement to the Iran deal.

However, Maeshima said Japanese officials may face some difficulties in immediately building from scratch a good relationship with Pompeo after working to craft close bonds with Tillerson. Additional details regarding confirmation hearings will be forthcoming from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

"Pompeo has vowed to "roll back" the nuclear deal and has even likened the Iranian government to [the Islamic State group]", she warned. And there are the refugees - those who either joined the Trump bandwagon late or were never on it in the first place, who held or obtained leading positions elsewhere in the Washington bureaucracy and who have now fled the administration. And I think we're going to miss the counterweight. "I think Rex will be much happier now".

As Trump prepared to depart for California yesterday he responded, "We got along, actually, quite well but we disagreed on things".

This appointment came just after he agreed to talks with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Ninety senior positions at State either had no nominee, were waiting to be submitted to the Senate for consideration, or were pending confirmation as of Tuesday.

He was also critical of Putin, whereas Trump is decidedly not.