PM continues steel tour with stops in Sault Ste. Marie, Regina


However, they expect any talks about a possible permanent exemption to take place outside of the North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

Ferguson says Trudeau gave some basic answers, but the fact that he was there, made a big impression on the rank and file. Marie, Ont., and Regina, Sask.

He added "We will always stand up for Canadian steel and aluminum workers. But, we know there's a win-win-win we can get to", Trudeau told one employee at the Algoma steel facility.

Trump, in the course of this particular phone call, showed his desire to wrap up the NAFTA deal within the coming weeks, because of the political elections which are going to occur on July 1st inside Mexico.

"We've done that with Boeing". "We need to all continue to encourage all three governments to remain committed to Nafta".

Following the roundtable, Trudeau headed to a second plant, this time Dofasco, for another tour.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised aluminum and steelworkers on Monday he would defend them against possible US tariffs and called US President Donald Trump to stress that "mutually beneficial" cross-border supply chains should be preserved.

Trump and his trade officials have signalled in the past they are looking for more access to Canada's dairy market within a renegotiated NAFTA deal.

"I'm really happy to be having the kind of conversations we're having this week instead of the conversations we might have had had the American decision gone differently last week", Trudeau told the workers.

Mr. Trudeau met with steel industry executives, labour representatives and city officials in Hamilton as part of his tour.

"We are negotiating the NAFTA accord in good faith and we will continue to do so but I don't want the president to think he can bring tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum without there being consequences".

"It's been a real team effort and Canada has been united".

But the USA government also wants to make sure cheap steel being dumped into North America by Brazil, South Korea, China and other countries doesn't enter the United States through a Canadian back door.

Canada is the biggest supplier of steel and aluminum to the United States but the steel sector accounted for only 22,000 direct jobs and represented 2 percent of exports a year ago.

"These are things that I highlighted to the president".

Mr. Trudeau would not specify what actions the federal government will take to shut out offshore steel. Marie, while rolls of coiled steel radiated heat behind him.

The prime minister will meet with both bosses and union leaders at a Rio Tinto aluminum factory in Jonquiere, about 200 kilometres north of Quebec City. Marie Wednesday morning in order to reassure the local steel industry and its workers that USA -imposed tariffs will not happen.

Trudeau said the surplus of steel in the global market is not new and with American tariffs in place, some countries might try to ship their products to the USA through Canada.

However, he said, Canada would be alert to that and work with industry partners and the Americans to make sure that didn't happen.