Microsoft expands the Cloud - including Swiss Datacenters


“Our investments in Lab 21 toward developing deep competencies on Microsofts Cortana Intelligence stack reinforces our commitment to bringing the power of superior Cloud and AI offerings to our customers around the world through DRYiCE™, our award-winning suite of AI solutions, ” said Kalyan Kumar, CVP & CTO IT Services, HCL Technologies. Its Azure cloud is now in 42 regions globally.

In addition, the Microsoft Cloud in France is officially open with the general availability of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 today, according to a blog post by Jason Zander, corporate vice president, Microsoft Azure. The new cloud project suggests "hardly anyone" at Microsoft still talks about the company's German cloud, wrote WiWo.

Microsoft is planning to open up two cloud computing centres in Germany, industry sources have told German business publications WirtschaftsWoche (WiWo) and Handelsblatt.

We're deepening our investment in the Middle East with these first cloud regions, which will be in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. By adopting the Microsoft Cloud, they will reap the benefits of greater scalability, improved agility, and the opportunity to develop new cloud-based solutions while remaining competitive. "As Microsoft, we have been in the region for over 25 years, and we have been very committed to the vision of the country". Besides other exciting news, we just announced to open a Swiss region with two data centers in the Cantons Geneva and Zurich. This process is not easy due to many complex security parameters to configure, incidents to respond to and controls to manage, which are different across the various cloud providers. McAfee's vNSP's support of Azure customers will be available by the end of March and McAfee CWS, including support for Azure became available earlier this year. We've announced a goal to be in 50 regions across the globe, including plans for 12 new regions. Each datacenter geography, or geo, delivers a consistent experience, backed by robust policies, controls and systems to help keep data safe and help comply with local and regional regulations.