YouTube's mobile app finally gets a dark theme


It makes use of black and darker shades of gray to make the app easier on the eyes, especially when watching videos at night. Once installed, users are able to select their profile header and navigate to a new page where they are given the option to pick either the default light theme or switch to the new dark theme.

YouTube has started rolling out an update today that adds a dark mode to its mobile application. If you're not seeing it, force quit your YouTube app, then relaunch it.

The feature debuted on the YouTube desktop client past year. But even with new evidence that the whole app was going dark, it was clear that significant work remained, with some screens stuck in a halfway state: white text, but also a white background. Lo and behold, YouTube for Android and iOS is finally gaining the elusive dark mode, reports The Verge. YouTube says that the dark theme will come to Android soon as well.

The dark mode was first spotted back in January by MacRumors. YouTube reportedly said Android users will be receiving the feature "soon" but did not specify an exact release date. Do let us know your experience in the comments section below.