'This Is Us' Teases Ominous Season 3 Mysteries in Unsettling Flash-Forwards


Theories on the Internet have Randall (Sterling K. Brown) or perhaps Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) meeting their maker next. "It's all open right now, so you might as well take a few months off not to worry and save your worry for season three".

The good news? The ending this season is promised to be more light-hearted than last season's finale. Earlier in the night, Toby's parents warned him about marrying Kate because they knew how depressed he had gotten after his divorce, and they were anxious about him falling into that again.

"I think what's so cool about this show is that the adults were introduced at their 36th birthday, so there's a whole time gap between when we come, when we're supposed to be about 15-17, to 36 years old", she said. The Kevin/Zoey dynamic will be interesting next year, it's a shame to see her exit because she was on maternity leave.

On Tuesday's sophomore finale, Kate and Toby said their "I do's" at the Pearson family cabin and we saw what life would have been like had Jack still been alive in the present day.

The cast of This Is Us has revealed as much as they can about the highly anticipated second season finale of the emotional NBC series.

So, what should you expect from This Is Us season 2 episode 18? If something very bad had happened to her, there's no way he'd be composed enough to go sit at Tess' desk at work. Meanwhile, Randall and Beth get used to caring for Deja on a more permanent basis after her mother gave up her parental rights. Zoe, for the short term, seems to make some sort of impression on Deja, as the teen actually gets dressed for the wedding (but then later goes missing at the end). The wedding goes off without a hitch, including toasts by both Kevin and Randall. The bad news? It looks like the Pearson family's future is headed into some dark places. And since then, she's been happy, and she and Beth are like sisters. She tells him she's not ready, and he says he's not ready either.

From the brief conversation we know they are going to see a woman that they are close to and neither of them are emotionally prepared for the meeting to happen.

While Randall, Beth, Tess and Annie enjoy the brief respite from the uncertainty that's about to come to their family and after wondering where Deja has run off to, we see Deja taking a baseball bat and smashing Randall's auto. That's partly because Kevin spent most of the non-exhaling portion of it talking about his recovery from addiction, but also because the moment seemed created to serve a larger objective: to signal to the This Is Us audience that this period of the series, which has been so focused on continuing to grapple with the impact of Jack Pearson's death, is about to embark on a new chapter. Randall's youngest daughter Annie has also been a no-show in each of those sequences. Cut to Future Randall and Tess and he says it's time to go see her and Tess says she's not ready.

Kate and Toby successfully make it down the aisle despite all of the drama swirling around them. Toby will never be able to replace Jack in Kate's heart, but he's damned well deserving of his own full-sized space there. See who?! Beth? Deja? Whatever it is, it seems pretty safe to bet that Season 3 will keep poking at this question and building suspense-but it's worth asking whether This Is Us really needs to indulge in another prolonged game of "what really happened to that beloved character?" Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Want more news? Like our This Is Us Facebook page.