Switch Firmware 5.0 is Live, Adds Twitter and Facebook Friend Support


The Switch Parental Controls app - allowing users to access Parental Controls for their console - has been updated to v1.5 on iOS (and presumably soon to Android).

There has also been some updates made to the Parental Controls PIN to help make it more private.

Nintendo has rolled out a new system update, version 5.0.0, to its Nintendo Switch console. Stay wired for more info.

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One of the most interesting functionality that is now available with this new update is Friends Suggestions.

Friend suggestions are based on the Facebook and Twitter accounts you have linked to your Nintendo Account.

You must be 13 or older to use this feature.

You can now add specific software titles to a whitelist in the parental controls. GameMaker developers will now be able to bring their games to the only console that can be played anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

Before you apply the update, you might be wondering what exactly changes in the new software. Furthermore, the Switch will automatically notify players when games they pre-purchased are downloaded and ready to be played.

Nintendo Switch has continue d to evolve with the system software updates it gets occasionally. By selecting this option, the system will show you the new Firmware Update with all the information of the update including the Changelog. Just hit the Download button and start the process. Once the download is complete though, they need to manually install the update. Well, as expected, Switch Firmware 5.0 is now live - but it doesn't bring with it numerous features fans had been holding their breath for.