Pennsylvania special election tonight


Lamb has dominated the fundraising battle against Saccone in the special election for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, which Republicans highlighted as a significant problem for their candidate.

In four polls taken in the district this month, Lamb led in three of them, though the spread in all four was within the margin of error.

"Despite the expected protestations that Saccone was a awful candidate, the GOP will have to account for the fact that the president's endorsement - even in a district that he won by twenty points, and even though the President has said he wants to do more candidate endorsement rallies - will not help Republican candidates", he said.

Democrats must flip 24 Republican-held seats to gain the House majority.

As with last year's special elections, the national spotlight on the special election to fill a vacant seat in Pennsylvania's 18th U.S. House district has been intense. "They're now saying that the Trump rally may have given him enough of a shot in the arm to make it competitive".

"Conor Lamb is gonna win", a national Republican close to the race conceded to Business Insider, speaking about the Democratic candidate. And special elections have been very good for Democrats so far; they have swept a number of state races in red districts in Virginia, Wisconsin, and Kentucky, plus the Senate race in Alabama. But the winner's tenure may be short. But the race has tightened in the closing weeks with ten of millions of dollars and marquee names like President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden coming to the southwestern Pennsylvania district to get their voters to the polls.

But Saccone has struggled as a candidate and a fundraiser while Lamb has shined. The president campaigned for Saccone, a state representative, Monday and Donald Trump Jr., remained at his side as he tried to close the deal with recent polls showing him trailing. White, working-class voters across the Rust Belt were critical to Trump's victory in 2016.

"I think it says a lot about Democratic enthusiasm". Barring a last-minute reversal by the federal courts, Tuesday's election will be the last held under a Pennsylvania congressional map the state Supreme Court invalidated in January. Kim Ward. On the second ballot, Ward threw her support to Saccone, and he won handily. "I don't know if we're ready - I don't know if this country's ready for it", Trump said. Saccone is a former counter-intelligence officer in the Air Force, has a doctorate and was a professor at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, teaching political science and other courses, and still teaches there part-time. I was looking at the rally last night, and this guy is wearing French cuffs in Pennsylvania!

Lamb embraced Democratic orthodoxy on the new GOP tax law, hammering it as a giveaway to corporations at the future expense of Social Security, Medicare and the nation's fiscal security.

Trump Jr. dismissed a Monday story published by Axios that reported his father called Saccone weak.

"Mr. Lamb has done what many Democrats have been unwilling or unable to do: speak directly and plainly to voters about their concerns".

And there are union members who want to save their jobs and know that Saccone will back Trump's tariffs (although Lamb supports them too) and the "America first" agenda to do it.

The AFL-CIO counts 87,000 voters from union households - around a fifth of the electorate. Saccone has a record in the state legislature of opposing organized labor on just about everything, and that has helped Lamb with many union members. "I said, 'I got $90". Lamb told union workers Sunday they'd "been the heart and soul of this campaign". Few, if any, of the articles dedicated to the rally on sites like Breitbart and the Daily Caller attempted to extol the virtues of Saccone.

Anita Radin donned her Conor Lamb pin as she voted this morning.