Palestine PM's convoy attacked, five injured


Hamdallah appeared on television shortly after the explosion as he opened a wastewater treatment plant in the territory, but left shortly after - cutting short his visit. "Wishing a speedy recovery to the injured", Greenblatt said. In his statements he asked the Hamas movement, which is still in control in the Gaza Strip, to comply with the national reconciliation agreements reached in 2017 in Cairo, which stipulate that the Government in the Gaza Strip must pass completely to the National Palestinian Authority.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. Hamas condemned the attack and vowed to launch an "urgent" investigation.

Mladenov echoed condemnation levelled at Hamas, who are the ruing party in the Gaza Strip, by the Palestinian Presidential spokesman.

Hamas has condemned Mr Trump's recent moves to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and to move the US Embassy to the city.

The global Muslim body went on to call for an immediate investigation into the incident.

While their personal security guards have been responsible for their immediate safety, the Hamas-dominated security forces have been in charge of security at the different places to which they have traveled including roads, hotels and government offices.

In October, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority began reconciliation talks, but those have bogged down, even as shortages of clean water, medicine and other necessities have fueled concerns that the dispute could boil over into violence.

In a Twitter post Tuesday, Jason Greenblatt says Hamas and other terrorist groups have brought Gaza "to the brink of collapse".

The rival factions have jostled for power since 2007 when Hamas forces seized the Gaza Strip from mainstream Fatah, ruling over its 2 million inhabitants since then. "It is a unsafe step aimed at spreading disorder and fighting among our people", Munir al-Jaghoub, who heads Fatah's information department at the Office of Mobilisation and Organisation, said.

Three of the vehicles in the convoy were damaged, some with windows blown out and airbags deployed.

A picture taken on March 13, 2018 shows one of the cars of the Palestinian Prime Minister's convoy that was hit by an explosion being towed away to the Gaza strip Erez crossing.

Hamdallah, a soft-spoken former university dean appointed by President Mahmoud Abbas five years ago, went on to inaugurate the long-awaited sewage plant project.

The World Bank, European Union and other European governments have paid almost $75 million in funding.

The future of that armed wing, which has fought three wars with Israel since 2008, has proved one of the largest sticking points in implementing the reconciliation agreement.