Fitbit introduces second smartwatch offering, the $200 Versa


Additional features of note include a redesigned and updated dashboard in Fitbit OS 2.0, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, onscreen workouts, internal storage that can hold up to 300 songs, wallet-free payments with Fitbit Versa Special Edition, quick replies for text messages (for Android users), new female health tracking tools, and more.

As you might expect from a fitness wearable, the Ace offers activity and sleep tracking and can be paired with the iOS or Android apps to track statistics.

The only questionable decision here is the fact that contactless payments are only available on one model in the US, and you'll have to pay extra for it. Fitbit Pay is only available on the Special Edition Versa, which costs $30 more than the standard model without Fitbit Pay.

It's been well over a year since Fitbit took over Pebble, and in the time since, the company hasn't done much with smartwatches that show off what Pebble brought to the table.

In common with other Fitbit wearables in the range, there's plenty of opportunity to customise your device. The watch is water resistant to 50 meters and can be used to track swimming sessions as well. The Versa will be available in April.

Dr White said Fitbit could help to create "one of the largest databases of menstrual health metrics in the world". "The Versa has a 1.34" display covered with Gorilla Glass 3 with a brightness of up to 1000 nits.

Connectivity is similar too: both these devices offer Bluetooth for connection to your smartphone or headphones as well as Wi-Fi for a direct connection to your home network. The idea here is that kids are indoors and sitting near screens more than ever before; an activity tracker is a great way to gamify activity for kids and help parents monitor how much time their child spends moving around versus sitting around. The Fitbit Versa is a lower-cost, redesigned version of the $300 Ionic that launched a year ago ... That is not the only thing Fitbit is banking on though. The Versa promises to automatically track exercises, including running and biking. Fitbit's also preparing to add support for female health tracking, which will be available on Versa and Ionic devices from May. Versa is meant to be everything Ionic is not: a smartwatch for everyone at any fitness level, and the health and fitness tech brand employed three clear strategies to broaden Versa's appeal.

There's a £100 difference in the price of these two models and on paper, the biggest difference in functionality is that the Versa doesn't have Global Positioning System.

The dashboard, the part of its interface where the Fitbit app displays all the stats it tracks, is also different.

Because most people shop with their eyes, the first and most obvious way to make Versa more appealing to more people is with the design. For runners it's an easy choice - Ionic is the one you want. The Versa is available for pre-order today (March 13) at for $199.95, with other online retailers offering the device for pre-order starting tomorrow, March 14.