Bound flight makes emergency landing in Albuquerque after cabin fills with smoke


A Dallas-bound flight was diverted to the Albuquerque International Sunport Sunday night after smoke filled the aircraft's cabin.

The horrifying incident, which could have turned unsafe, took place on flight 3562, which was set to take off from Phoenix to fly to Dallas, Texas, according to local news.

The statement added there were 140 passengers onboard the plane when the incident occurred, all of whom were evacuated from the aircraft upon landing.

According to Southwest Airlines, five customers requested medical attention.

Our People in Albuquerque worked to get Customers onboard another aircraft to continue their journey to Dallas.

Southwest Airlines said the diverted aircraft remains in Albuquerque while mechanics inspect the plane. A crew member can be heard shouting, "Move away from the aircraft now!" This is not the time to record!

Mr Cox recalls "hitting the ground really hard" after jumping eight feet from the wing on to the tarmac and was left "shell-shocked" by the whole experience.

Another passenger, David Fleck, said there were no emergency slides near the exit door.

"It felt wrong when you're up there". It was dark, cold and rainy.

There was no word on the extent of their injuries. The airport tweeted their praise of the firefighters "for a quick response".

This is a developing story.

Passengers said they could feel heat from the vents shortly before the crew said the plane was going to make an emergency landing at Albuquerque, New Mexico.