WWE Fastlane: Asuka Officially Challenges Charlotte To A WrestleMania Fight


Rusev - specifically Rusev Day - is incredibly over, in one of those weird, WWE-fans-will-cheer-for-anything gimmicks.

On Sunday, Fastlane will help provide some answers.

Orton took the long route to nab this shiny accolade as he's been a WWE Superstar for almost twenty years-compared to Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns who became Grand Slammers in 2017.

There is going to be so much carnage and bodies flying around in this six-pack challenge it's going to take something big to win this match.

BOB KAPUR: The danger here is that the potentially butt-kicking Mania match between AJ Styles and Nakamura will get diluted by adding a third person. "Ms. Money in the Bank" Carmella also tweeted out "Everyone is trying to find their path". A victory here would help provide some momentum for her moving into WrestleMania. Carmella covered Becky for the win!

For the uninitiated, Nakamura had won the men's 2018 Royal Rumble back in January. The build for the last brand-exclusive event was less than great, but the lineup delivers decent matches that plant big story seeds for the next few weeks.

The United States and SmackDown Tag Team Championship pictures aren't as clear. Looks like, similar to the IC title bout, we'll get a triple threat for the USA title at 'Mania. Despite the loss, Rusev reminded us he certainly has more in the tank and it's just a matter of him transcending a mid-card comedy gimmick. Either team marching into WM as champion feels appropriate. In spite of reports from the Wrestling Observer that Dolph Ziggler might be Shane's foe in New Orleans, WWE veered towards a continuation of the KO/Sami program at Fastlane. The twins have been the best tag team in the company over the previous year and a ticket to 'Mania seems like a great way to cap their performance.

Who will win: The Usos. The Women's Champion forced Riott to tap via her "Figure Eight" submission move to retain the title. What does this mean for Raw's women's division?

Although Nakamura is oozing with natural charisma and is supremely talented, the transition to the main roster has been a bit turbulent since WWE tends to struggle with booking Superstars who don't have the best grasp on the English language. Her time will come. Cena then tried to hit an AA on Styles but the champion reversed it and hit Cena with a Style Clash before Zayn saved the pin in the last second. However, she managed to hold the fort and hit a spear to defend at the end of a draining affair to win the title.