NASA suspends People's Assembly forums after unity talks


It has emerged that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga will not attend National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition summit slated for Monday, March 12 (today).

However, at 15 minutes past noon Mr. Odinga's convoy pulled up at the Stoni Athi resort and he was accompanied by Siaya Senator James Orengo.

"He felt that talking directly to the President was the most practical thing to do, given the circumstances", said a source, who described the meeting as initially "tense" and devoid of the pleasantries that have characterised previous Nasa get-togethers. "All the three care about is 2022 just because of an agreement that bars Mr Odinga from contesting the presidency".

The meeting comes amid concerns of a fallout in the coalition, with political pundits saying the move by Mr. Odinga to hold a parley with Kenyatta was a culmination of the perceived betrayal by his co-principals who skipped his mock swearing-in ceremony in January.

Working with Jubilee, he added, would in fact be beneficial to Nasa.

In what appears to be implementation of the pact between the two leaders, NASA steering committee chairman David Ndii said the decision was reached following a request by president Kenyatta and Mr. Odinga.

"We have listened to Mr Odinga". "The two leaders have asked us to give them an opportunity to spearhead this process and we have accepted".

During an ODM national governing council meeting early this month, the party told its allies in the coalition that it was ready to go it alone if pushed.

The leaders refused to field questions from reporters, but reiterated that they were never opposed to national dialogue.

Odinga and President Kenyatta on Friday vowed to work together to foster unity, fight corruption, promote security, rights and freedoms and economic progress.

They had both dismissed all calls for talks, from Kenyans and foreign diplomats but in their joint address, President Kenyatta referred to Mr Odinga as his "brother".