Google's planning to re-brand Android Wear as 'Wear OS'


This was first seen in the Android P Developer Preview as they refer Android Wear as Wear OS and replaced the watch icon with a "W".

Google is known for bringing in design customizations and UI changes in Android and its other native apps.

The latest Android 2.8 update for the smart watch is available on smartphones and users can upgrade the smart watch as soon as the upgrade is available on their devices.

With Google Lens Android users can now create contacts by just scanning a business card, get a location by identifying a landmark or even search up a particular thing like an actor or something by just scanning their image. Without any official confirmation from Google, Wear OS remains unexplained for now.

In a rare piece of promising news for Google's Android Wear platform, a Redditor has stumbled upon a new icon and name for the wearables platform. Hopefully this will be more than a name change!

For a while now, we've heard reports about the shrinking Android smartwatch market. The last stable version of software 12.2 allowed to receive nearby notifications.

Until then, expect plenty of rumours to do the rounds as more Android P Preview users install it. Although Google still has to confirm this, the reference to the new name and a new logo that comes with a color combination similar to the one used in Google Assistant logo has been spotted in the latest 12.5 beta of Google Play Services. Its contactless payment service has been rebranded as Google Pay, rather than Android Pay. In the case of wearable devices and its applications, the new name is suitable. The steps emerge as a new development towards releasing Fuchsia, forthcoming Android OS.