Brown tells Trump California is focused 'on bridges, not walls'


"In the call on February 20, (Peña Nieto) strongly reiterated what all Mexicans have always said: we will never pay, in any form, for a wall on theborder", Videgaray posted on Twitter. "We don't have the wall, we're never going to solve this problem..."

The visit comes amid the Trump administration's legal battle with California over the state's sanctuary policies, which shield illegal immigrants from deportation.

The president will arrive in San Diego Tuesday morning, marking the first time he has visited the Golden State since taking office.

Immigrant activists, church leaders and local elected officials are calling for demonstrations to show President Donald Trump that border communities oppose his plans to build a towering wall on the California-Mexico line.

He will also get an update on the construction plan for the proposed southern border wall.

About 250 people marched in downtown San Diego in protest of the wall Monday evening.

Numerous rallies both for-and-against Donald Trump's "big attractive border wall" are expected to mark his first visit to California as president, where he will examine prototypes for future towering barriers to separate the United States and Mexico.

"We will continue defending our community next week when this fascist president visits indigenous Kumeyay land to decide what prototype of use along this imposed border that divides families and further alienates Mexicans on both sides of the border", the group said.

California lawmakers have also passed legislation which punishes construction companies who participate in building the wall, barring them from future state contracts. "Well, Mr. Trump, in California we are trying to fix that". They are doing a lousy management job. "They hate walls, but they all live in their mansions with high walls. Frankly, it's a disgrace".

He is expected to visit the Los Angeles-Beverly Hills area Tuesday night for a Republican National Committee fundraiser. "Here in cities like Fresno and Madera, more than a dozen bridges and viaducts are being built for the nation's first and only high-speed rail line", Brown wrote.