Alexa Video Calling and Messaging Now Available on Tablets


This means that users no longer require an Echo speaker to take advantage of this feature. On other devices you will have to go to the Alexa app and do it manually. It's now being extended to a wide range of tablets. Echos in North America could even call mobile and landline numbers, as if it were an actual proper phone.

In addition to supporting the Fire family of tablets, Amazon is also extending calling/messaging support to Android and iOS tablets.

Alexa will not listen for a follow-up question if the Echo device is playing music or audiobooks, or if you are on a call through the Echo.

The Smart Plug set is usually $129.99 and is on sale right now for $18.74 at HERE! This is a feature offered for owners of multiple Echo devices which enables users to instantly connect with other Echos in the home from their tablet. Just make sure you have the latest Alexa app installed, have it synced with your contacts and you can then ask Alexa to call or send messages to friends and family, or drop in with any Echo device you have in your contacts. The company first added the ability to actually use the personal assistant using the app back in January, and today's update brings a key feature to tablets. So, if you see the blue ring at the top of your device, you know Alexa is still listening.

Check out the overview and FAQ for more details.

Amazon has now changed the command to "Alexa, can you laugh?", making it harder for the AI to make mistakes. Those start at $649 for the 10.5-inch display or $799 for the 12.9-inch display at the Apple Store. Not just Amazon's Fire-branded tablets, but any and all compatible Android tablets and iPads.