Special Counsel Robert Mueller Is 'The Bachelor' In New SNL Cold Open


McKinnon's Mueller was the Bachelor, telling a contestant, played by current castmember Cecily Strong, that he could not commit to a Trump collusion indictment.

Nervous and awkward, he tells Becca that he's not sure how to begin the conversation, before mumbling that, "The reality is that, um, I don't think that I can give you everything that you want right now, you know, and I think you sense that".

"So, uh, you know that I've been struggling a little bit over the last few months just trying to figure this whole thing out and just grasp everything", McKinnon's Mueller says.

"So what, you don't have Trump on collusion?" asks a stunned Strong. Mueller asks, and Becca shakes her head. The "Seychelles were awesome ... but I keep thinking about obstruction".

"I think I need to explore the possibility that I might have a stronger case with some other stuff". "Everything that happened in the Seychelles, that means nothing?"

"Baby, I'm scared", he says to his wife. "He's just gonna be president?"

McKinnon's Mueller can't promise Becca that he will charge Trump with collusion in his investigation into Russia's alleged interference in the USA election, because he can't get obstruction of justice off his mind.

Later in the evening, SNL offered up a sendup of NBC's drama This is Us, which Saturday's host, Sterling K. Brown, stars in.

"Collusion is the only thing I've been looking for the past year", Becca said through a split screen that hilariously capturing them both in the true reality TV fashion. "So I have to wait two more years for him to be out of office?" she asked.

Mueller broke the news that he was "only half in with collusion" and that he had his mind on prosecuting the President for obstruction of justice instead.

However, "The Bachelor" finale and the Russian collusion probe came together in this week's "Saturday Night" cold open - and it was just as theatrical.