Why your digital home assistant, Alexa, is laughing at you


It doesn't explain why some people have noticed the Echo's blue ring doesn't light up when Alexa laughs, nor that she doesn't make the usual chime sound that indicates she actually heard what you said.

According to CNET, the feature works on all Echo and other third-party devices.

The Follow-Up Mode in Alexa now has no equivalent on its rivals. You'll know if Alexa is ready for a follow-up question if the blue indicator light is on after Alexa answers your first question. It is activated by saying the word "Alexa" or "Amazon", then a command like "play music".

Alexa is easily the current leader of the growing virtual assistant market, and Amazon is keen to stay ahead of competition from Google and Apple. The company said that Alexa could be put back into the sleep mode by using the words "stop" or "thank you" in order to end a string of commands that may probably make conversations with digital voice assistants more compatible. Amazon is calling the new setting "follow-up mode", and while it won't let you nest one request into another, it will let you ask make multiple requests back to back.

Reliability of this follow-up mode will be something that remains to be seen, as Alexa is not without her quirks. Once there, select the specific device, and then tap on the Follow-Up Mode toggle to turn it on. This is also interesting as Alexa will now only repeat requests if she is more than sure that they are clear demands, not just background noise that the program can hear.

Amazon told AFP it looked into what was going on and found that sometimes Alexa mistakenly registers the phrase "Alexa laugh" and obeys.

Follow-up mode is available in US English only and appears to be available on the entire range of Alexa devices.