Super Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch Revealed In The Official Trailer


We don't now know, but there's some room for speculation.

A close-up of the silhouettes shown during the trailer. Wario is a popular Nintendo character, but he's only appeared in the two most recent Super Smash Bros. games. The trailer contained characters from Nintendo's Splatoon series, as well as a quick glimpse at mainstays like Mario and Link. My Nintendo members now have the option to use some of the points they've accumulated to purchase certain Switch games from Nintendo's digital store.

Super Smash Bros. for Switch is slated to release sometime in 2018.

YoYo Games General Manager James Cox believes the partnership allows for many more games to be released on the platform. Now, a new etching of those characters could make the starting roster a bit clearer.

It's not exactly a deal-breaker as we're sure that eventually there will be guides on how to navigate the game, but it's something to think about if you made a decision to go ahead and get it.

Of course, all of that is assuming that it doesn't end up getting delayed...

It's a madcap, multiplayer fighting game featuring characters from Nintendo's many in-house franchises plus several from third-party partners. Fans have been blowing up the internet since the reveal, and who can blame them? Switch is an entirely new game, an enhanced port of the Wii U version, or something in-between. Could Nintendo do the same thing here?

Nintendo has rolled out some big changes to the My Nintendo rewards program.

So what do you think of the new Nintendo eShop titles?

Details about the engine's release date - as well as a list of supported titles - will be revealed at a later time. Afterwards, YoYo sent out a press release confirming its partnership with Nintendo and laying plans to release a "Nintendo Switch edition" of GameMaker Studio 2 this summer. Smash 4 pushed the more-powerful WiiU with eight-player melees and over-the-top level design.