Penguins pose for selfie video in Antarctica


Expeditioner Eddie Gault placed the camera near the Auster Rookery during his visit to Australia's Mawson research station.

After inquisitively poking his beak down on the foreign object - a camera - the penguin tips the angle, and the camera switches to an opposite view of the keen-eyed creature's upper body.

There isn't a whole lot to do for the penguins on the ice-fields of the Antarctic.

Two emperor penguins wandering across Antarctica were captured on video "posing" for a selfie.

According to National Geographic, emperors are the largest of all penguins, averaging 45 inches tall and weighing as much as 88 pounds.

Penguins pull off a "happy feat". At the end of the 38-second clip, the penguins hilariously shake their heads at each other, nearly looking disgusted with this human technology that has littered their colony.

Two Emperor penguins in Antarctica have been caught on camera appearing to try to take a selfie.

In the footage, the penguins adorably twist their head sideways, trying to figure out what the camera is before shaking their heads in confusion. They both curiously stare down at the lens before losing interest.

While it may not be a true selfie, given that they didn't actually trigger the recording, it's "selfie" enough for us. and apparently for the thousands of people who have been charmed by the ice-crunching dynamic duo already. But it seems like humans clicking their own photos are now passé.