Motorola's new Moto Mod might be a Daydream viewer in disguise


There are rumors that the Moto X5 might be cancelled, though there has never been any official confirmation about the next upgrade to Moto X4.

Following our report yesterday that Motorola is laying off a significant portion of its engineering staff in Chicago, Android Police is now out with some details on what exactly this will mean.

Motorola, the Lenovo owned smartphone brand is facing some layoffs due to not so successful smartphones.

Motorola was one of the most trusted mobile brands in the world.

One interesting possibility here is that this Moto Mod will support some basic augmented reality features since the exposed camera can capture footage from the wearer's point of view. The phone is also available on Google Fi, so it does seem rather weird that Motorola is closing down this particular line.

If you recall, the Moto X5 was rumored to come with a similar rear design to last year's model but with a bigger 5.9-inch Full HD+ 18:9 display, minimal bezels, and (you guessed it!) a notch for holding things like the earpiece, selfie camera, and more.

The company has probably cancelled the launch, as Lenovo wants to reduce costs and streamline its offerings, focusing more on the G, E and the Z series. There was little to suggest the Moto Z3 wouldn't launch, but the Moto Mods lineup in general seemed to be in danger based on comments from the maker the keyboard Moto Mod.

We previously leaked that Motorola's entire 2018 learned about in a series of leaks, including the next Moto Z-series devices. The leak of the new Virtual Viewer headset comes courtesy of the reliable leakster Evan Blass, often the first to get his hands on breaking news. The company is planning to reduce phones for niche markets and will focus on offering devices that can bring in more profits. We will find out soon enough as to what the company has planned. This was then refuted by Lenovo, after which a new report came out claiming that the Moto X line was dead.