London Underground attack fireball video


Video of the fireball that ripped through a London train has been shown in court for the first time.

Teenage asylum seeker Ahmed Hassan allegedly packed a homemade device with deadly shrapnel before leaving it to go off on a timer at the west London station on September 15 a year ago.

Passengers were injured in the "stampede" as they fled in fear and panic, while others suffered significant burns, the Old Bailey heard. The flames were overwhelming.

He said: "It was intense heat".

He said: "I was thrown to the ground". I thought I had lost my ears.

"I then went down to the side and covered my head with my arms and I heard this whoosh of things, kind of similar to if you turned on a bunsen burner and lit it with a match". Just as I got to the doors, the doors started to close.

Police forensics officers work alongside an underground tube train at a platform at Parsons Green station in west London.

On Thursday, the court heard from a number of witnesses to the explosion who described a "rolling fireball" coming towards them.

"Everything goes in slow motion. I could see her realise what was happening and she began screaming and some men were shouting "run".

Mr Beavan told jurors it was "chaos" and he made a decision to "take cover" behind a wall, thinking there might be a second wave of the attack.

The Parsons Green Tube bomber had the chemicals used in the explosive device delivered to a friend's address in Thornton Heath, a court heard.

She added that hitting or dropping it in transit could cause it to detonate.

"That morning I had curled my hair and I had put hairspray in my hair so when the flames came over me my hair immediately caught fire", she said.

Aimee Colville had boarded the District line train only seconds before she heard a "loud bang" and "cracking".

She said: "Had the device fully detonated, it is inevitable that serious injury and significant damage would have been caused within the carriage".

With CCTV footage being shown to the court of the instant the blast took place.

The Old Bailey heard that the 18-year-old bought the necessary chemicals online using a £20 Amazon voucher awarded for being named "student of the year" at Brooklands College in Surrey.

He told British authorities that the group had taken him by force and trained him "how to kill" when he was in Iraq.

He allegedly packed it with shrapnel to cause maximum carnage, buying the metal items from Asda and Aldi in Feltham the day before.

Ahmed was arrested the next day at the Port of Dover and his DNA was found at the scene, jurors heard.

Hassan was charged with an attempt to "murder persons travelling on a District Line Train from Wimbledon" and having maliciously caused an "explosion of a nature likely to endanger life or to cause serious injury to property" one week after the attack on September 22nd.

An expert concluded it was "a matter of luck" that the bomb did not fully explode, saying the initiator could have come loose or the device may not have been well constructed.