CDC: Nasty flu season appears to be easing up


Of the positive flu tests reported by state health officials, 67 percent were influenza B. People who have already had type A flu can still contract type B.

There were five pediatric deaths recorded, fewer than in previous weeks.

On Wednesday, South Carolina released the latest numbers for flu deaths in the state.

The prominent virus is H3N2, an "A" strain, according to state public health officials.

Twelve people died from the flu in North Carolina last week, pushing the 2017-18 death toll to 276.

The department says flu activity has apparently peaked in CT, but the illness remains widespread.

Krzyzewskiville campsite at Duke University was closed briefly until further notice because of fears over the flu. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said flu season also peaked nationwide last month.

Flu season did not hit its peak in Georgetown County until the following week - February 4-10 - when 505 new cases were diagnosed.

Since the flu was declared prevalent in NY state in December, almost 108,000 confirmed cases of the flu have been reported, with more than 19,300 hospitalizations. Many manufacturers are continuing to produce egg-based vaccines, largely because more investment would be needed to fundamentally change manufacturing. That's because flu shots are made from killed viruses. The renegade influenza viruses they spawn could one day annihilate the people they feed'.

The latest figures showed flu is still proving a problem across the United Kingdom, but that infections have "peaked", PHE said.

For example, the majority of hospitalizations, just over 80%, were the result of type A flu virus infections, and most of those were H3N2, during the ninth week of the year.

You can help prevent the spread of influenza by practicing frequent hand hygiene, staying home if you are sick and by getting an annual influenza vaccination.

"There were a significant number of cases this year, and outbreaks, and so we're still managing those", said Dr. Jason Cabaj, medical officer of health for the Calgary zone of Alberta Health Services.