Voicemail-like video messages are coming to Duo


For all those who use Google Duo, here's good news. This means the next time when you call someone via the Duo app and they do not answer, you can choose to leave them a video message.

Google says video messages are rolling out today on iOS and Android, and will go live worldwide "in the next several days". The app is the 17th most popular social networking app on Apple's App Store, while Allo sits at No. 93, while Duo on Android has long since passed the 100 million download threshold. The feature new Google Duo update allows users to leave voicemail-style selfie videos.

Until it was released, Google didn't really have a de facto video calling app, and its product lineup was already too chaotic. iOS, on the other hand, is a different story. Before hanging up, an option will appear asking you if you've like to leave a 30-second video message.

If you're the recipient of a video message, you'll want to know you'll have 24 hours to view it. Soon all users will get this update. Make sure you are on latest Google Duo v29.0.18 app to be rest assured of the video messaging availability. And after you've watched their video message, you can tap the "Call now" button to easily call that person right back. To play a video message you've received from someone, simply tap their icon.