Sea of Thieves' Final Beta Is Open, and It's Live Right Now


Starting today, you can download and participate in the final Sea of Thieves beta, regardless of whether or not you played in past beta events.

Sea of Thieves' final beta has kicked off, and this time every scurrilous seadog is invited to prowl the high seas for booty and, more importantly, friendship.

The video which accompanies the announcement has a few warnings for players who plan to jump in this weekend and play. In addition to the Gold Hoarder voyages that were available in other betas, there will also be Merchant Alliance voyages this time around, adding some variety to the game. Watch out for that telltale skull cloud above a fort which indicates the chance of great rewards but also great risk. Might they even be there already?

Progression in Sea of Thieves is a little nebulous at the moment, but there are some bits and bobs we can pull together to get an idea of how it all works. "We can't wait to watch and find out".

These quests require players (shipmates) to collect animals from distant ports then ferry them back to safety.

Sea of Thieves developer Rare has announced another beta for its upcoming multiplayer pirate game. It is encouraged to check out the status page and the Sea of Thieves Twitter page for status updates on the beta.

Since this is the most players Sea of Thieves has had to handle, Rare warns that you should expect some hiccups, and it might block new players getting into the game intermittently, when problems occur.

Absolutely! Whether co-streaming on Mixer, sharing on Twitch, uploading to YouTube or sharing via Game DVR, we are thoroughly looking forward to seeing what our players get up to. The goal of this is because Rare wants to ensure everyone receives the best possible experience while playing through the Final Beta. And since this is the last beta before it launches on March 20, Rare is going to be letting pirates access a bunch of things that have been kept out of previous betas. Everyone who has played in the Technical Alpha, Closed Beta or scale tests - anyone who has submitted ideas and feedback, filled out surveys, shared their stories or made friends in our world - we wouldn't be where we are without you, and we can not wait to see where this adventure takes us next.