Mario Tennis Aces Release Date And Screenshots Leaked


In the March Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed a huge amount of details on Mario Tennis Aces.

The game can support up to four players in local and online multiplayer mode. And this time the game adds the first story mode since the Mario Tennis game on Game Boy Advance, offering a new flavor of tennis gameplay, with a variety of missions and boss battles. The listing also confirms that the game is expected to release for Nintendo Switch on June 22. Luigi and Peach are noticeably absent but could still see a reveal later today as launch characters, if not downloadable content (DLC), which Nintendo has warmed up to in recent years.

Sports games centered around the Super Mario universe aren't exactly uncommon, but among many other games, Mario's own tennis outings are certainly a fan favorite. The game launches on July 13. Play as your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters all while using simple motion controls. After playing the expansion, you can play as octolings.

Undertale is being ported to the Nintendo Switch soon. However, the Zone Shot can be blocked so it won't automatically damage a racket.

Get ready to hack and slash your way in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.

The game Arms, which is out now, will have for the US and Canada an online tourney. Included is a brand new story surrounding agent 8, an octoling who mysteriously wakes up with amnesia on a train platform.

The Broadcast ended sporting trailers and updates for Splatoon 2, a sequel to the popular Switch game, and the sequel is just as good. The game will have a network test allowing people to play the game.

Which new game or games from Nintendo are you looking forward to most? A 3DS version of the game will also be coming to the Nintendo e-shop.

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