Kolkata police registers case against Shami for domestic violence


Shami, on his part, has denied all allegations against him, saying it was an attempt to derail his cricket career.

The ongoing controversy surrounding India pacer Mohammed Shami, who has been accused of domestic violence, has led to debates over the role of BCCI and the conduct of public figures. Initially, Shami didn't break his silence but finally, he responded with a tweet and Facebook post. "Yesterday Shami said that my mental condition is not stable", the anguished woman said. I want to remain just as normal as you've always seen me. "He has affairs with multiple women".

Earlier this week, Jahan had made stunning allegations against her husband accusing him of adultery, torture and threatening to kill her.

She also uploaded photos and phone numbers of the women. She told us the trouble between her and her husband in detail, but did not lodge any Official complaint. Jahan has claimed that her Facebook account has been blocked. Their relationship was started in 2012 during the Kolkata Knight Riders party. Shami calls her, books a room for her, has relations with her. His wife has spoken in front of the media that Shami wanted to marry a Bollywood actress like Virat Kohli, who recently married actress Anushka Sharma.

The BCCI have withheld Shami's contract for the time-being
The BCCI have withheld Shami’s contract for the time-being

Adding further, Hasin revealed, "have a recording with me where Shami said that he took money".

According to Jahan, Shami was been involved in match-fixing, he can betray India any day. Even after my wife was trolled so much in the past I stood by her. "Why should I vacate it?" she asked. He has tortured me & hasn't treated me like his wife. In response to the cricketer's statement, Jahan informed that, she has all the evidence against him and will take him to court.

"Though I raised the issue with him hoping he would correct himself he refused to do so and continued with his dirty ways", Jehan said. I made you listen to the recording where he has accepted all his extra-marital affairs. "I can not tolerate this anymore".

Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami has had his professional contract put on hold by the Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) in India after he was charged by Kolkata Police on Friday.