'The Division 2' Release Confirmed by Ubisoft, Will Be at E3 2018


In an effort to link the original game with its sequel, completing and unlocking things in the former and you'll be rewarded with in-game goodies in the latter whenever it's released.

Today Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment announced Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Two more major updates are due this year, bringing two new Global Events, more Legendary difficulty missions and Xbox One X enhancements with 4K support. No further details are now known, but fans of the original game will be happy to hear that support is continuing. Stay tuned for more info at E3 2018! Massive Games is still supporting the first game in the series. Along with news of The Division 2 release, Ubisoft also confirmed new updates for The Division. We have repeatedly used opportunities to interact with you. The game lets players run and shoot their way through a detailed presentation of post-disaster New York City.

Specific consoles and a specific release date or release window are yet to be announced for The Division 2, but there's a very good chance of the game coming to the Xbox One.

All these new opportunities and experiences have also improved the team's internal processes.

We found The Division to be a solid, entertaining experience at launch. With that in mind, a new type of achievement called "Shields" will be added to the game.

It was a no-brainer given the first game's success, but Ubisoft is making it official today with the announcement that it is making The Division 2, a sequel to 2016's hit cover-based shooter. Gerighty said that this helped them in "taking everything we learned over the past two years and applying it towards the sequel to make sure we get it right". Some thought that this was in preparation for a third year of more content and updates for the original, but we've heard otherwise.

There is now no launch window announced for The Division 2.