Unicef Deputy Director Justin Forsyth resigns after 'mistakes'


UNICEF deputy director Justin Forsyth has resigned following complaints of inappropriate behaviour towards female staff in his previous post as head of British charity Save The Children, the children's agency said today.

"They were dealt with through a proper process many years ago", his statement said.

Forsyth, however, released a statement Thursday saying he was not resigning because of past "mistakes" at Save the Children, but rather to protect the aid organizations.

"I apologised unreservedly at the time and face to face".

He said he had "no doubt" that some media coverage wasn't just to rightly hold him to account, "but also to attempt to do serious damage to our cause and the case for aid".

UNICEF operates in 190 countries around the world, according to the agency's website.

UNICEF's Executive Director Henrietta Fore accepted Forsyth's resignation, a spokesperson for the organisation said.

But the organization added that more recently, additional "concerns were raised" and "a further review was required".

Forsyth's resignation comes amid significant turbulence in the aid sector.

The complaints at Save The Children follow revelations that Oxfam was investigating 26 cases of sexual misconduct since a crisis erupted over its handling of a scandal involving prostitution in Haiti.

It began with claims senior Oxfam officials had used prostitutes in the aftermath of the Haiti disaster and spread to other agencies who were accused of turning a blind eye to the abuse of female staff.

The European Union and United Kingdom government have said they will review their funding of Oxfam in light of the allegations.