Answers to Trump's tweets on Russian Federation probe


One deserves the attention that it's getting.

Hacking the Democratic National Committee and putting the emails onto Wikileaks? When Obama put sanctions down in the last two years of his presidency, the Trump administration kept those and added two more rounds and is working on a third right now.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday slammed his attorney general again, this time calling on his 48 million Twitter followers to "ask Jeff Sessions" why the Obama administration is not the focus of the Russian Federation probe.

Mueller's sweeping probe, which has not yet concluded, also led to the indictments a year ago of former Trump campaign aides Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, on charges related to their work for pro-Russia factions in Ukraine. We are talking here about Vladimir Putin's upper-echelon oligarchs like Yevgeny Prigozhin, the "czar's right-hand", and Russian students of social media and sociology (probably 80 in all) at Putin's Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg, whose $1.25 million monthly budget funds programs designed explicitly to destroy Americans' faith in their system.

That's quite a bit more than Trump has done. America is under attack, they say, and all he can talk about is himself. They were obsessed with us.

Facebook Inc will start using postcards sent by USA mail later this year to verify the identities and location of people who want to purchase US election-related advertising on its site, a senior company executive said on Saturday.

And the scale of the effort - set against the scale of campaign spending and online activity and political frenzy from domestic partisans - meant that any real influence was necessarily negligible, swamped by the all-too-American sources of our national derangement.

The New York Times ran a report the other day on Russian bots, in the immediate aftermath of the Parkland school shooting, posting on Twitter about gun control. They tried to suppress the African-American vote with an Instagram account named “Woke Blacks” that called Clinton “the lesser of two devils” and argued “wed surely be better off without voting AT ALL.” They purchased online ads calling Clinton “a Satan, ” falsely accusing her of voter fraud and claiming that “Donald Trump is the one and only [candidate] who can defend the police from terrorists.”.

"I think that's a two-way street, that there is a level of respect that could be, certainly brought from the press corps as well", Sanders responded.

And the people who believed them, by and large, were probably not the almost 78,000 Midwestern swing voters who officially determined the election's Electoral College outcome, since on the evidence we have most fake news is political pornography for hyperpartisans - toxic in its own way and deserving of concern, but something driven more by panting, already-polarized demand than by nefarious, median-voter-manipulating suppliers. Governments are moving to the right and becoming more nationalistic and less tolerant.

As the Russians keep trolling, we should start rolling. Hillary: The famous Russian reset button.

Michael Moore's appearance at an anti-Trump rally organized by Russian meddlers illustrates how inconsequential Russian meddling, at least in the form discussed in the recent Mueller indictment, was. They insulted us so much - we were unregenerate gringos and yanquis and other unmentionables - that you had to know we were important in their lives.

A new Cold War is not an answer to that question.

Liberals have used Trump Jr.'s words to illustrate their belief that Russian Federation may have leverage over Trump because of his previous business dealings in the country.