Indian surgeons remove 'heaviest' brain tumour


For the past several years, Santlal Pal had been watching a tumor emerge from his skull.

The world's largest brain tumor, weighing a staggering 4.12 pounds, has been successfully removed by a team of surgeons in India.

Trimurti Nadkarni, head of the neurosurgery department at Nair Hospital in Mumbai, told the Indian Express that the tumor "sat like a head on top of another head". The fact which makes this all the more astonishing is that the tumour weighs an unbelieveable 1.87 kilo grams which according to doctors might be the largest extracted tumour globally.

It is not yet clear whether or not Pal's sight has been restored following the procedure, but the BBC reports that doctors are hopeful that he will regain his vision as he continues to recover from the extreme operation. "We had to cut open the scalp and remove the tumor". "The sheer size of the tumor was a challenge, and we had to ensure blood pressure was maintained while surgery was on".

Pal, who is from Allahabad, felt a bump at the back of his head nine months ago. He feels relieved of "a large burden on his head"'.

He had been to three hospitals in Uttar Pradesh before the procedure in Mumbai but the doctors in those places had termed the tumor untreatable.

Surgeons at Nair Hospital took it on.

Pal needed a transfusion of 11 units of blood and then spent three days on life support afterwards but has since made a good recovery.

It is believed Mr Pal endured the agonising symptoms of a brain tumour since he was just one.

Doctors are now waiting to see whether Pal will regain his eyesight.

In addition to cutting away the growth, doctors had to remove skull bone that had moved into the brain.


The tumor had been growing on Pal's head for three years now, and suddenly became so massive over the past year. For instance, surgery on a tumor near nerves that connect to your eyes may carry a risk of vision loss.