Bill Gates asked price of everyday items, quotes a lot of them wrong


When Bill Gates visited The Ellen Show, host Ellen DeGeneres gave him the Price Is Right treatment, having him guess the prices of grocery store items. But, Gates didn't lose all the rounds completely-when presented with dental floss, he said, "This is my best chance with this one", which he predicted correctly as he guessed $4 (it costs $3.78).

If Gates successfully guesses the price (within a range of $1) of three out of the five products, the audience wins a prize.

That was made clearly evident after the billionaire guessed that a $9 Dollars pack of Totino's pizza rolls retailed at a price of $22.

After professing that he "absolutely" flosses, Gates nailed the price of floss at $4.

Fortunately for the audience, after several guesses, they eventually got their prizes.

It's fun to rip on out-of-touch-billionaire Gates for not knowing how expensive normal people stuff costs, but if you were a billionaire, would you go grocery shopping?

Tide pods actually cost $19.97.

Last up, an 8-ounce package of TGI Friday's spinach & artichoke dip, which led Gates to ask the audience: "You guys think less than $10?"

The multi-billionaire made an appearance on today's The Ellen Show, where he was challenged to a grocery store guessing game challenge.

Billionaires: They're not just like us. Even so, Gates recounted how he liked to keep enough money in the bank to make payroll for a year, even if all of the customer revenue dried up.